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Neon Minx Brand Ambassadors

About Our Ambassador Program

At Neon Minx, we love that a simple outfit change allows us to try on daring personas, set a mood, play around, explore our untamed sides, and simply have fun. We curate a selection of diverse styles, tastes and sizes from industry-leading manufacturers. You'll find the latest trends in lingerie, classically foxy styles, futuristic festival outfits, ultra-sexy hosiery, spicy accessories and so much more. Everything is authentic, made for US sizes, and ships from the US.

Our mission is to help lingerie shoppers navigate the experience with high confidence and ease. Be daring. Be bold. Do what you want to. Don't be afraid to be different. Know that you are beautiful, deserving and can rock anything you care to. That's what we hope you take away from visiting, partnering and shopping with us.

Our ultra-fun ambassador program is open to all ages, races, gender identities, body types, and tastes. We don’t judge, and our ambassadors shouldn’t either. We promote the values of self-love, self-confidence, boldness, and embracing one’s beauty and sexuality — whatever that means to YOU.

We have a diverse range of product lines and categories, which means we work with a wide diverse of ambassadors. Our size range includes 0 to 5X, and we embrace ambassadors of every dress size. Our most popular categories include:

  • Traditional Sexy Lingerie
  • Vinyl & Leather Lingerie
  • Halloween Costumes
  • Fantasy Costumes & Lingerie
  • Strip & Exotic Dance Outfits & Accessories
  • Fetish & Bondage Accessories
  • Festival & Rave Outfits & Accessories
  • Clubwear and Trendy Women’s Apparel

Ambassador Perks

Our program includes multiple fun perks and few different tiers based on your involvement and audience. Here’s what we offer:

- Special Access to New Products
- Store Credit Stipends (typically on a quarterly basis)
- Seasonal VIP Offers & Discounts
- First Access to Upcoming Affiliate Sales Program (Launching soon) + Exclusive Promotions for Your Audience

Here’s what our Ambassadors do:

  1. Get free lingerie and outfits + exclusive discounts.
  2. Show off Neon Minx products, in your own unique way.
  3. Embrace the values of confidence, creativity, tolerance and boldness.
  4. Produce photo/video creatives and tag us on social media channels (frequency/channels determined on individual basis).
  5. Leave reviews for items you've tried.

The Rules

We don’t have many rules, just a few guidelines for image/video produced for us as a part of this program. This includes: no full nudity (ie pasties for sheer/topless items and tastefully positioned/shots), no imagery promoting violence or non-consent, and other common-sense requests.

Generally we'll ask to make sure you have the capacity to produce content within 2 weeks of receiving sponsored items unless otherwise established.

Want to learn more?

Click this link to fill out an application and introduce yourself! Tell us about you, your audience and channels, what you’re into, and why you’d like to work with us :)

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